Sophia's Elements Pure Oxygenated Skincare

Sophia's Elements Skincare

All of Sophia’s Elements products are infused with Oxygen. It’s the star ingredient that works synergistically with the herbs and essential oils. Oxygenated products are superstars - it results in healthy, beautiful skin that promotes healing and also fights signs of aging.

Oxygenated products have many benefits such as:
stimulation of growth cells, speeds up healing time for skin wounds & ulcers, cleans/sterilizes the epidermis, reduces swelling/redness, calms nerves, reduces discomfort of skin conditions, increase cellular function, aids in healing processes, and promotes healthy skin conditions. 

Oxygenated products also aid with the healing sunburnt skin, soothing sore muscles, cellulite/wrinkle reduction, healing cuts, and soothing dermatitis/eczema/psoriasis.

Pure Skincare